trades are welcome.bands keep in touch maybe we can work som

trades are welcome.bands keep in touch maybe we can work something out. EP's:HOMOMILITIA/FORCA MACABRA:"split-ep- AGATHOCLES/THE USUAL SUSPECTS:"spli-ep"- COMA/MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS:"split-ep"- SUFFER:"the last one"- LOS VATICANOS/COMRADES:"fuck jubilaeum"- HARSH:"implants"- SEVERED HEAD OF STATE:"st"- MEANWHILE:"the show must go on"- BETERCORE:"fuck the borders"- OLHO DE GATO/LOMB:"visions of war...stench of gore"- THE VARUKERS:"nothings changed"- BREAD AND WATER/REASON OF INSANITY:"split-ep"- 2 MINUTOS DE ODIO/ROT:"split-ep"- GENERACION PERDIDA/DONA MALDAD:"atendado y propagando en suramerica"- MASSLAKT:"st"- AUTONOMY:"a faction of mercy"- BIZARRE X/PACKRATTEN:"split-ep"-PRIMITIV BUNKO:"jakie mamy prawo..."- OHEISVASARA:"vapaan..." FREAK SHOW/ALARMA SOCIAL:"split -ep"- KULTA DIMENTIA:"auserfunktion"- FREAK SHOW:"fuckers of defeat"- GREENSCAB:"kill precede rampage"- HASSAKKA:"totaalinen vitun"- LITMUS GREEN:"mother fuckin' messiah"- SKRUPEL:"st"- RABIA/SEA SHEPHER:"squatt toujours"- PUKE:"stalld mot en vagg"- BLACK KRONSTADT:"a world to win"- DEAD PATRIOT:"st"- 175 GRAMS:"this change starts now"- ANTICHRIST:"st"- UPSET:"st"- BLUID:"st"- THE DIRTY 30's:"this is sick"- UNION MORBIDE:"015"- COCHE BOMBA:"vive la dereliccion"- HUMAN DESPAIR:"struggle for existence"- OUTRAGE:"to terrorize ear and mind"- DISTRESS/KARMA:"split-ep"- KNUCKLEHEAD:"st"- NO THINK:"straight to hell"- WAVES/HELLBOUND:"the new warsystem order"- DISGUSTING LIES/FACT:"no one complains"- KATHODE/VOIDD:"split-ep"- CONTRAST ATTITUDE:"sick brain extreme addict"- IDOL PUNCH:"culture market"- GET LOST:"unwise"- CLUSTER BOMB UNIT:"...and the dirty little weapons"- CLUSTER BOMB UNIT/RAAGG:"split-ep"- MASSKONTROLL:"warpath"- WORDS THAT BURN:"profits of the christ"

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