JOBBYKRUST:live at lintfabriek-kontich(belgium)-'94

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wer r U now,JOBBY? hey guys, im vinsoi from davao city, phellippines. im a friend of ronan of container crusties from hell and he and his band came here last 2000. im just pretty curious,why did jobbykrust disbanded?yah,i heard bout the dagda but i didnt hear their music yet?ronan talks about u guys and im so xcited when we talk bout ur band.ive just really like ur musix and its too sad to think that u cant play gigs anymore or visit our area to meet and to play here.so,if someone who will read dis msg.pls let the band know that we want more ass kicking and catchy tune of jobbykrust. i have a band here and we are more influence of JOOBYKRUST.and we do also a covered song title-Poison from Birth and Green check.please write back on my email add.thanx.........up the punx!!!

Gepost door: vinsoi | 20-09-05

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